Catherine Redinbo

Hyperbaric Therapy

Catherine Redinbo discovered hyperbaric therapy after it was recommended at a support group for families dealing with autism.  Her youngest child had been diagnosed recently and like most parents in her situation, she was willing to try just about anything to help her child.

After just a few sessions, the changes were undeniable.  Hyperbaric therapy was working.  Catherine and her late husband were so inspired by the improvements that they started a small clinic in their hometown to help other families like theirs.  One clinic grew into two, and one treatment per day grew into 30. Partner clinics started up as word grew about the power of oxygen under pressure.

15 years later, Catherine, through her clinical work, has treated over 15,000 individuals with hyperbarics.  She speaks at hyperbaric-centric conferences and has attended a plethora of courses as she, and the many doctors she works with, strive to help others discover the possibilities of healing through hyperbarics.

Since the Covid shutdown, Catherine shut down her clinic to focus on taking the lead role of sales and rentals for the Summit to Sea, FDA line of portable chambers.  She rents these chambers nation-wide and sells them internationally.  She also manages the Summit to Sea Reseller Program.