Dawnmarie Gaivin

AT ACP, Spellers Method Cofounder
Dawnmarie Gaivin is the Founder & Executive Director at Spellers Center San Diego, located in Oceanside, CA. Before her career moved into the world of nonspeaking autism, Dawnmarie worked for over 11 years as a trauma & transplant RN.  In 2005 her first son regressed and was diagnosed with autism. A year later her second son followed the same path. Today her eldest, Evan (20) is a nonspeaker and fluent letterboard communicator.  Her younger son, Trey (18) is a minimal speaker who uses multiple modalities for effective communication.  
Dawnmarie is a former DIR/Floortime® provider, an Assistive Technology Specialist (AT-ACP), and the Spellers Method cofounder.  In March 2021, Jamison Handley, a speller, and his dad JB wrote a book entitled “Underestimated" about their journey learning this form of AAC (augmentative & alternative communication).  In 2023 the documentary SPELLERS was released, showcasing how spelling and typing as a means of communication has liberated many nonspeakers from a life of silence.  
Dawnmarie's children inspired her specific passion to support all nonspeakers in the development of intentional motor skills and a reliable form of communication.  You can learn more about her at www.spellers.com.